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Root Canals


Root canals are probably the most misunderstood dental procedure. Being the butt of many jokes, it is a common belief that the root canal is a horrible and painful procedure.

But here's the truth about root canals:

  • Root canals feel good! They relieve the pain of a toothache.
  • They don't hurt. You are numb during the entire procedure. We frequently have patients fall asleep during the procedure. They don't hurt!
  • They relieve pain. Many patients who need root canal therapy arrive in pain. The root canal relieves their pain!
  • We don't remove the roots of the teeth. The infected contents of the roots are removed. It's a little hollow space inside the tooth that gets cleaned out.
  • Root canals save teeth that otherwise would have to be extracted.

This man broke one of his front teeth off at the gumline. He was terrified at the thought of missing his front tooth. By performing a root canal and crown on this tooth, Dr. Hudson was able to save his tooth and make it beautiful at the same time. Without the root canal, this tooth would otherwise have been extracted.

Root canals are needed when:

  • Decay has reached the nerve of the tooth
  • The nerve has been irritated beyond natural healing and is causing pain
  • The nerve has died and is causing inflammation or swelling
  • There is an abscess at the end of the root

Our office does many root canal treatments in office. However, there are situations where our dentists choose to refer patients to a root canal specialist, an endodontist, to complete their root canal. Our dentists will discuss each situation with the patient to determine if a referral is necessary.

Got a toothache? Give us a call at (309)699-5521. Root canal treatment will take the pain away!

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